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World Stroke Day Stroke Symptoms and Treatments in India

Strokes are of two types – Ischaemic Stroke and Heamorrhagic Stroke. So today, we’re going to enlighten you on World Stroke Day about strokes.

We have already covered Ischaemic Ischaemic Attack or Stroke previously, so you can read that one here.

Basically there are two types of damages which can cause a stroke. But, there is one thing common which causes a stroke – blood loss.

World Stroke Day Stroke Symptoms and Treatments in India

In an Ischemic Stroke, there is a thrombus or a particulate matter which blocks the pathway inside your arteries for blood flow. Therefore, some part of the brain gets devoid of blood. Hence, it results in fatal injuries if it doesn’t get treated immediately.

The other type of stroke is Heammorhagic stroke.

This is the type of stroke where an artery gets damaged from some point. This results in blood wastage and thereby resulting in improper supply of blood to the brain. Hence, a lot of blood can get wasted due to this.

There are various symptoms to check for a stroke:

Problems while walking

Problems while walking

A person who has a stroke can have difficulties while walking. Walking isn’t all. They can have problems at standing as well. If they’re in heated environment, time is of afternoon, then their situation can worsen to a greater degree.

Problems while seeing

If your artery is damaged which carries and supplies blood to your eye receptors, then you might face problems while seeing. Either you can lose your eye-sight completely or you can have blurry vision. Although, on World Stroke Day, neurosurgeons are expected to be raising awareness, but even eye specialists also ask people to check for this symptom of stroke.

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If the damage of the artery isn’t checked or diagnosed properly and timely, then the situation may worsen and irrevocable damage could happen.

Partial paralysis or complete paralysis of one part of the body

This is a defining symptom of a stroke. A normal stroke won’t necessarily damage your complete body, but it can surely damage at least half of your body. If a similar situation comes across then, don’t wait for any other sign. Just rush the patient to your nearest hospital.

A stroke takes time to completely affect someone. If the patient is brought to a hospital, timely, then they can actually save their life.

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