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A stroke is a neurological disorder resulted from sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Majority of strokes result from abrupt blockade of arteries supplying the brain. These clots may come from large arteries or heart. Such type of strokes are called as” ischemic stroke”.Other type of stroke is” hemorrhagic stroke”result from burst of arteries supplying to the brain.

Most common cause of hemorrhagic stroke is hypertension. Stroke is a medical emergency as it occurs rapidly. For lay man, stroke is called as brain attack. Symptoms of stroke range from sudden weakness of limbs, facial asymmetry, loss of sensation, difficult in seeing or walking to loss of consciousness. When the symptoms of a stroke last for a short interval (less than an hour), this is labeled as a transient ischemic stroke (TIA) or mini stroke. /

It is very important to recognize the stroke symptoms to get immediate medical attention. Stroke symptoms can be remembered by mnemonic “FAST”.



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