Fight Against Epilepsy: Initiative In India A Giver Of Hope, Bright And Promising Future

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Epilepsy in India cure
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Fight against epilepsy! Epilepsy is a very common brain disorder which has captured a wide population of the country. It is estimated that epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disease in the nation.

During epilepsy, an individual’s never cell activity gets disturbed. Due to this, they start radiating different levels of energies. Hence, this results in seizures. The disease has a vast impact in India.

In fact, one in every twenty six people is expected to be diagnosed with epilepsy, at least once in their lives. If epilepsy is such a huge issue, then why aren’t people paying more attention to it?

Due to the negligence towards this neurological disease, and the social stigma, people don’t consider epilepsy as a disease. They often ignore it, till one of them gets attacked by this disease.

When this happens, they don’t understand what to do. Hence, they land up as prey to fraudulent people in the country. Thereby, they risk the patient’s life.

So, in order to raise awareness on epilepsy and why people should talk about it, in the month of November, an Epilepsy Awareness Month is organized. Also known as, November Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM).

Throughout the month, social medias are filled with many awareness posts, articles and videos on Epilepsy. An effort is being made to eradicate this disease by helping people stay aware about it. It’s not a problem for which people should be scared of. If proper guidance and tips are shared, then many people can definitely benefit themselves in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s fight against epilepsy, India!



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